Website Competitive Analysis

"Study the past if you would define the future."-Confucius.
This rule also applies to any business and Marketing practice. Marketing, and particularly online marketing, needs you to have not just a good business giving but also a cutting edge over the hundreds and thousands of possible business competitors. In SEO Marketing, you are contesting for visibility and for higher ranking in the Search Engines Searches with leading business competitors, due to so much competition; your job gets even harder.
Standing up to the challenge is what SEOservices-india is all about. Our very initial process in SEO consultancy includes consulting services. A thorough analysis of your website as well as of your competitors' websites is donned in our SEO campaign. A website competitive analysis is carried out through brief research
and various SEO practices can show us what changes and techniques your competitor is applying and how can you learn from it. SEOservices-india research your competitor's search engine rankings and offer you advantage from it in an organic way.
In today's competitive world where knowledge is everything, and competition is on its extreme, it is important to know your competitor. One of the unique plans is that cleverly exploit current strategies to surpass the competitors. When it comes to achieve high search engine rankings, we have to work on assumptions how Search Engines works; only professional seo's those who have many years experience in this field and a website competitive analysis can tell you accurately which strategy we should choose for your business plans.

  WHAT TO ANALYS- marketing survey

  • Identify competitors
  • Check out competitors' stats
  • Review competitors' websites
  • Automate intelligence gathering
  • Anchor texts
  WHAT TO ANALYS- competitors site survey.

  • Navigation
  • Site organization
  • Links and labels
  • Search and search results
  • Backlink
  • Performance
  • Content

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