Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Optimization (SMM & SMO) ?
Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a technique used in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where different types of approaches are implemented to generate community alliance with the help of social media, online public and social websites. Besides, the popularity of Web 2.0 applications among online associations, the usage of these applications is growing rapidly among various communities. Therefore Search Media Optimization (SMO) is attracting a huge amount of webmasters and internet marketers and is becoming a crucial strategy for websites and webmasters to boost their site with the help of SMO and allure in specific cliché crowd to their websites. In Today's online market we can see the competitive texture of the cyber world.
One can observe without any difficulty the competition between many brands participating in social bookmarking sites, forums, social network sites and blogs to popularize their brands, this factor helped SMO to surface in the last couple of years. Social media websites can usually helps in popularizing your website or products awareness and how it is being discovered by the online communities.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) has established a reputation as an augmented approach of alluring crowd to your website and making the site optimized. SMO focuses on generating traffic from authorities other than search engines and therefore SMO helps in better search Engine ranking.

Social media marketing (SMM) and SMO methods

  1. WEBsite awareness

WEBsite awareness on highly participated social networking sites including Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, Twitter and Myspace etc.

  3. Blogging

Blogging - this approach is one of the major aspects of SMO. We will provide you with a custom-made blogs for your company, brand or service and posting it on to the leading blogging sites. This strategy will help you in producing traffic for your website, acquiring more backlinks helps you getting high rankings in search engines result page like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing.

  5. Press Release Submission

Press Release Submission - Submission of Company date to date work and events on several press release submission websites provides a huge help in generating product and service awareness and help improve your website visibility online.

  7. RSS Feeds Submission

RSS (really simple syndication) creation and submission for your websites to important RSS directories.
  2. Forum Posting & Q&A posting

Forum Posting & Q&A posting - this technique provides quality links, creating a link of your website with an active anchor text in the signature box on the posting page; it is called a signature in the forum, and when we provide our services on your account, related to your website and do posting, reply the old threads, its called Forum Posting Services.

  4. Article Submission

Article Submission - this is a way of submitting the articles to article directories; a powerful method of acquiring quality one-way links to your site from one of the authority websites like Wikipedia.

 6. Social Bookmaking

Social bookmarking service supply direct website visitors, brand popularity and it is an important method for you to improve your site visibility on search engines through link building.

  8. Video Marketing

Submission of your products and services videos in several video submission websites like Youtube, MetaCafe, Photo Bucket, Myspace, Atom and etc.

We also use tools like Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). With social media optimization strategies, you can have more traffic in order to increase the popularity around the targeted internet users and online market. The more advertising your online activity on Social media network will create the more one way links and traffic your web page will have, as a result, you will have a huge profit and improved ranking on search engine result pages.